Washington State Tax Information

Washington Minimum Wages
Effective 01/01/18Effective 01/01/20
Minimum Wage:$11.50$13.50
Minimum Cash Wage:$11.50$13.50
Maximum Tip Credit:None
Youth Minimum Wage:$11.48
(Employees who are 14 or 15 years old may be paid 85% of the adult minimum wage)

Washington State Income Tax
Wage Withholding:None
Supplemental Wage/Bonus Rate:None

Washington Unemployment Insurance
Maximum 2020 Taxable Earnings:$52,700
(Increased from $49,800 in 2019)
Employee Deduction:None
Employer 2020 Tax Rates:0.13 – 7.73%
(Includes employment administrative fund and social cost surtaxes)
Standard 2020 New Employer Rates:Industry Avg
Voluntary Contribution Permitted:Yes

Washington Disability Insurance
Employee Deduction:None

Washington Workers' Compensation
Employers and employees each pay half of the Stay At Work rate, the Medical Aid Fund rate and the Supplemental Pension Fund (SPF) rate. For 2020, the SPF rate is $0.1225 per hour ($0.06125 per hour, employee rate & $0.06125 per hour, employer rate).

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